7 Key tips when wiring your new home



1. Strategically located lighting and controls will add to the efficiency, comfort, convenience and value of your home. Make a carefully considered floor plan showing the placement of your furniture and appliances and place lighting and controls in the most convenient positions. 

Outside Lighting: Planning your current and future outside lighting requirements before any installation commences can save $100’s in future wiring costs and control positioning, due to restricted access once your house is completed.

Consider: Indoor/outdoor lighting flow, well lit steps and access areas. Accentuating garden art and other features with outdoor lighting.



2. Defining your specific furniture layout and how you will inhabit the various spaces around your home will determine the best locations for outlets and controls. 

Consider: The position of beds in bedrooms, location of televisions, where you would like your telephones and other appliances that will require power.



3. Installing the right number and combination of products in your bathrooms will optimise your space and help keep your bathroom warm, well ventilated and effectively lit.

Consider: The position of heated towel rails, exhaust fans, heat light fans, shaving and hair dryer points, spa baths and under tile heating.


Temperature and Ventilation

4. Temperature Maintaining your home at comfortable temperatures throughout the seasons, requires careful appliance choice and the location of associate controls.

Consider: Under floor heating and heat pumps in your living spaces and sweeping fans in bedrooms.

Ventilation: Air quality is vital to our health. Many homes suffer from condensation and resulting mould that pollutes the air in your home.]

Consider: Heat tansfer kits, fresh air systems, extraction fans for kitchens.



5. Home entertainment solutions help bring the movies to your home. Intelligent audio systems deliver premium quality sound in and around your home.

We can find you a solution to cover all of your needs, and we'll take care of the wiring and commissioning.

Consider: Key entertainment areas for optimum placement of controls, multi-Room entertainment systems, ambient sounds throughout your home. 



6. Creating a safe and secure home environment is an increasingly important consideration for new home owners.

Consider: Key pad locations for entry and exit of your home. Selection and placement of PIR sensors. Remote open and close of your garage door controlling your alarm.


Home Automation

7. Intelligent automation of key functions around your home is a smart option that can help make your home and lifestyle more relaxed.

Consider: Future proofed solutions for data, television, integrated telephone systems, security and the automation of lights and power.



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